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News and Highlights

OAO Newsletter


OAO Calendar

The OAO calendar lists conferences that OAO staff is participating in or that OAO is providing support to.


OAO Quarterly Partners Teleconferences


The events page includes images posted on Flickr and write-ups about OAO sponsored and attended events.


Sign Up for the OAO Mailing List

Receive periodic updates about USDA news and programs that relate to OAO stakeholders. To sign up send an e-mail to Include your organization's name, address, weblink, and a 1-2 sentence description of your organization's mission and target audience. We look forward to hearing from you!


OAO Stakeholder Updates

Didn't sign up on the mailing list until today? Check out previously e-mailed news and information.


Select USDA Press Releases

USDA is huge! We've identified press releases that affect OAO constituencies.


Initiatives and Mandates

Through coordination and collaboration, the Office of Advocacy and Outreach works across USDA to enhance access to services for the communities we serve. Here you'll find the fruits of those cross departmental labors such as, information and flyers on Receipt for Service and the RegStats site which reports USDA program participant/applicant data.